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  1. I manage a school Facebook page. At first, in the status box, I could type @name of friend and it would light up blue and link to their page. Now, it only suggests businesses and/or famous people. What do I need to do to fix this problem? Thanks so much!

    • You can’t tag a person in a post when you are using Facebook as a page. You can edit your page, go to your settings and uncheck the option under posting preferences to always post on your page as your page instead of as yourself.

      You can tag a friend in a comment, just not in the original post.

      Please let me know when you’ve seen this, so I can delete these comments from my contact page.

  2. Kathy Mackey said:

    I know you’ve probably answered this before but what exactly is pinterest and why would I use it?

  3. Keith Hoerner said:

    Deb, please consider post the below video trailer to your social networks touting my new book. Be an advocate for change in this (national child-abuse awareness month). Sincerely, Keith Hoerner (author of Missing the Mark on Amazon).

  4. Hello Deb! Thanks for reblogging my post about Pet Peeves. I have a question about your header picture. Where is that taken, it looks like a marvelous place?!

    • You’re welcome. It’s Hay-on-Wye, a small town on the border of Wales and England. We were there in 2008 and my husband took that picture of Hay Castle Books and the Honesty Bookshop. Yes those books are outside all the time, even when it rains. The paperbacks are 10p each and the hardcovers are 50p each. You just put the money in the box for the books you choose to buy.

      There some links for more information in my post https://debsanswers.wordpress.com/2011/11/17/what-is-a-book-town/

  5. Thanks! That is a place that I have always wanted to go to! We have a book in our library all about the town and it’s bookshops and I’ve dreamed of going there ever since I read it. One day!

  6. Starla Anne Lowry said:

    I receive email from Goodreads, have searched all through the internet and cannot find how an author can join Goodreads to promote her book. It is a fictional book of a city girl who moves to the country in Alabama after the death of her mother. It has homespun humor, a halloween horror story, and science fiction (time travel). I think people would enjoy it, but how does one get people to learn of her work on Goodreads?? There are not icons to click, no address to email — nothing.

  7. Laura Nguyen said:

    Hi there,

    I signed up months ago and have a login but do not remember my pw. Is there a way to reset or request anew invite? I am getting notifications of activity in my account but have not been able to login. Please help!


    • Signed up for what? Most sites let you reset the password or you can email support to request a reset, but I can’t be more specific because you haven’t given me any indication of which site you’re having problems with. I write about facebook, twitter, goodreads, pinterest and other sites, but this post is my contact page.

  8. Cheryl de Los santos said:

    I have been doing pinterest for a while now and as is yesterday I am unable to log in. I have tons of pins and I don’t know what happened. I do know that the last couple weeks or so some boards were showing up that we’re not mine so I would delete them. Please help so I can get back to pinning and I really don’t want to have to start over.

    • I think you need to contact Pinterest. Maybe you shouldn’t have deleted the other boards. Maybe your account got mixed up with someone else’s. Please give Pinterest as much detail as possible, including the names of any boards you remember deleting.

  9. Cheryl de Los santos said:

    Wow! That was fast! Thank you so much I have all my pins still!!

  10. How long does it take to get a login so I can start?
    Thanks. Sherrie

    • To what? If you’re talking about Pinterest, I can invite you, I just need your email address, but when you reply to my contact page, it’s hard to know what you’re asking about.

  11. Can I reactivate an old Goodreads account?

  12. Jon Anne Winstead said:

    My son had a facebook account. He passed away May 25, 2007 and, as a mother in grief, I deleted his account. It was way before I had a facebook page. Is there any way I can have his page back on facebook and because I was not on FB, we were not friends. I don’t want to read what he posted but would like to look at pictures. Is there any way I can accomplish this!! Please help!! Missing my son who was 26 when he died!!

  13. I need a contact phone number for them please!

    • For who? This is my contact page and I do not give out my phone number.
      You can try looking for a contact page for whatever company you are trying to contact, but most internet only companies will not list a phone number. They expect you to contact them by email.

  14. Arleen Delgado said:

    Hi, Deb, I have had a Facebook account for a couple of years with it’s own Pinterest account. I am opening an on-line doll clothes store in January 2013 and created a Facebook business page for it. Unfortunately, I didn’t do my research and created the Facebook business page without a profile, thinking that was the only way to keep it separate. When I couldn’t do much with the business FB page, I gave myself page management rights and now I have to do most everything from my personal FB account. One thing I still can’t do is create a business Pinterest account. When I try, it takes me back to my personal FB/Pinterest account. I would love to be able to add a profile to my FB business page so I can manage it on it’s own AND add a Pinterest account to it as well. My FB is Arleen Delgado and my new business page is Sew Dolly Cute. Your thoughts/suggestions? Thanks!

  15. Would you be able to add my guest post on your site?

  16. I have not been able to Repin to my boards on Pinerest. I have tried to contact them and that doesn’t even work. It won’t let me submit a request. Can you help me.

    • How do you want me to help? I don’t see any known issues about repinning on the support page. I haven’t had the issue. You’ve not provided any details. What does it do? Where are you trying to repin from? Does pinning work?

  17. allisonwilliams said:

    i want to be removed from pininterest email list

  18. Deb..my daughter passed 10 months ago..I filled out the report to keep her facebook up..she has been removed..is there anything that can be done to get it back up..Linda

    • I don’t know of a form to keep a facebook profile. Anyone can memorialize a page, you only need the email address used to create the account and a link to an obituary. There is a form for immediate family to delete an account; I hope you didn’t fill that out by mistake. Only Facebook can help you with a deleted account.

      I’m very sorry for your loss and I hope you can get her profile restored.

  19. Dear Deb, I’m a more or less active Pinner… I was wondering, is there a way to hide my own pins from my Pinterest home page? Because pins pile up and in the end I can’t see what’s new from the Boards I’m following… Thank you 🙂

  20. Fidel Rosales Sr said:

    I want to edit my e mail but my web is on safe mode and won’t let me my e mail is new I need to change it, safe mode won’t let me please help!

    • Sorry, I don’t even understand the question. If you need a new email address, you can get one from gmail. Otherwise I just don’t know what you need help with.

  21. You have the wrong email on my acct. I can’t fix it. Also I got off facebook then I removed it from my pentrist page now I can’t log in. It goes back to fill out info for new account.

  22. Janet Larson said:

    I was very much surprised and DISGUSTED to see the section on Nicole Brown Simpson along with the gory pictures! It is in SUCH bad taste. I’m not loving Pinterest much anymore.

  23. How do I get a catalog adult decraratiion such as light up lantern balloons senter pieces including colors of my theme lime green, pink, orange ?

  24. Dear Deb, I have contacted Pinterest by email several times. My request for help are because I have lost all my pins (3 years worth), all my boards which I refer to, and my favorites/following, followers, and favorites.I am beside myself! I hardly even check pinterest anymore. The reason this fateful event has occurred is because I was asked for my “password”. What?? It’s been years and I don’t remember it! I was asked to reset my password and this is the result! Please contact me by phone or email. I’M desperate! Thank you, Cynthia Robinette (209) 4620959 (landline) or circerobinette@gmail.com

  25. Cheryl Boyd said:

    Im trying to make sure my account is closed and that my boards can not be seen anymore.
    Can you tell me how I go about finding out?
    Ive sent numerous messages to pinterest about it and all they do is sent me back a link that says something about “my profile”
    I dont want to click on that link because i closed the account. It says it takes 14 days to be permanently deactivated.
    In trying to find out uf after that 14 days ,if my account is no longer visible.

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