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Someone who has claimed their author profile and has been approved by the goodreads staff.

To claim an existing profile an author  just has to  scroll all the way to the bottom of the page where it asks, “Is this you?” and click on the link: “Let us know”, then follow the directions. It is easier if the name you sign up with is the same as the name on your books. It may take a few days to be approved, they are in California and they don’t usually work on the weekends.

Any published book counts. Narrators, illustrators, anthology editors and contributors also count as authors. If your book isn’t on goodreads, you can add it. If the book is on Amazon, a search will add it, if not you can add the book manually.

Anybody can add a book to goodreads and authors can change only their own books. Any other changes, including adding additional authors to a book, has to be done by a goodreads librarian. You can ask for changes by posting the request in the librarians group. You can apply to be a librarian if you’ve added at least 50 books to your shelves and have read the librarian manual.

Please invite your favorite authors and any other authors you know to join the goodreads author program.