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Yes! It is very disappointing to go to an author profile and find nothing there. All eligible authors should claim their profile if only to have control over their own profile. Once an author claims their profile, no one else can make changes to it.

If you are an author and you’ve never been to your goodreads profile, you might be shocked at what you find. If you have a common name your books could be on someone else’s profile or several authors could even be mixed into one profile. Your books could be scattered across multiple names. Maybe you’re lucky and your dedicated fans have added a picture and some details, but most likely it is just empty.

If you are a writer, but haven’t published your first book yet, now is the best time to start. When you claim an author profile, that profile is merged with your personal profile. Describe yourself as a writer and include links to your website and blog. Some good ways to build a foundation are track the books your read, add your favorite quotes, use the writing section, create listopias and quizzes, join groups, support other authors and make friends slowly.

If you are a published author, you can still do everything in the previous paragraph, but you can also add your blog. add quotes from your books to the database, add links to any pen names you have in the database, promote your events, and edit the book page for each of your books. Most book data is imported from Amazon and some of it is often wrong or missing. You don’t have to wait for Amazon to add the cover or a description, you can add it directly to the book page as soon as you have it. Anyone can manually add a book, you don’t have to wait for Amazon to list it.

As an author you can only change your own books, so ask for help in the librarians group if your name is wrong on a book or if you are missing from a work you contributed to or if you need a series created or edited.

A few things not to do are don’t spam groups, don’t friend everyone, don’t respond to negative reviews and don’t be obnoxious anywhere.

You can buy ads and list your book in giveaways, but I think the best ways to promote your books are to connect with fans.