The red Pinterest logo at the top of the page is the home link. The help page is in the drop down about menu. The settings option in the profile menu is the same as the edit profile button.

To see your followers, click on the word followers above your profile picture. Click on the word following to see who you are following.

The email addresses to reach Pinterest are listed under the Pin Etiquette section of the help page.

To add an image from your computer:

  • click on add at the top of the page
  • click on upload a pin
  • click the choose a file button
  • select the picture from your computer
  • select the board
  • type a description
  • click the red pin it button
  • to add a link, you have to edit the pin

To the right of a picture (after clicking on it to get more details) are buttons that allow you to share it on Facebook, share it on Twitter, embed it (this gives you code that you can copy to your blog), email it and report pin.

To find out what if anything has been pinned from your website, add /source/ and your website to http://pinterest.com.  For example here is everything pinned from Think Geekhttp://pinterest.com/source/thinkgeek.com/ and everything pinned from Goodreads is here: http://pinterest.com/source/goodreads.com/

If you want something from your site removed, read this Copyright.

To search for a phrase you can enclose it in quotes, otherwise your results may include pins and boards with only one of the words you entered.