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Pinterest is a virtual social cataloging and bookmarking site designed around pinning images to virtual bulletin boards. If you haven’t joined yet, you might want to read this post first: What is Pinterest? What is it for?

Are you using it to bookmark websites and blogs?

Or to bookmark specific blog posts?

To save recipes or craft directions?

For inspiration?

Or for planning?

To remember things?

Or share things?

To make a wish list?

Or a gift list?

Or just to save pretty pictures?

Are you pinning things from around the web or just repinning?

Did you know you can add pictures from your own computer?

When I started, I thought I could just pin anything anywhere and organize them later, but it hasn’t worked out that way. Currently, organizing is very limited.  You can reorder your boards, but you can’t change the order of the pins on a board. even moving the pins to a new board doesn’t work, they still sort by your original add date. I know it’s still a pretty new site, so hopefully it will get better. 

I want to replace some of my pins, both to use better pictures and better sources, but I’m afraid of breaking the links for other people if they’ve repinned or liked my pins. I’m afraid of adding duplicates for the same reason, but it’s hard to know if I have a particular item when I can’t put my pins in any usable order.

How are you using Pinterest? Let me know in the comments.