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The Pinterest Support section. In the About menu, click on Help, then click on Support to get to the Support Section. Instead of emailing support about a problem, you can submit a request.

Pinterest Support Section

This section now lists common questions and answers. It looks like this section has been there since at least late February. Sorry for not finding and writing about it earlier. The questions are divided into categories, such as getting started, pinning, policies, account security and account settings. There’s also a section for business accounts and content owners.

The answer to some questions is no, or at least not right now. Questions such as “Can I have a private board?” and “Can I rearrange my pins?”

Submit a request

Problems they are already working on are listed as known issues. When a known issue has been fixed, it will be updated to display resolved in front of the issue name. Browse or search instant answers first and if you still don’t find the answer to your problem, you can submit a request.

Hope this helps!