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Book reviews

Anyone. There are no requirements. Goodreads does not moderate and police the reviews the way Amazon does. People often complain about books being rated before publication, but goodreads allows it and isn’t going to change their policy. Many readers on goodreads also have access to ARCs (Advance Reader Copies).

A few of my ARCs.

Most people would prefer you not rate a book without reading it, but you can still add your comments. Some people write an explanation of why they decided not to read a book or not to finish reading it. Any text in the review box counts as a review on goodreads, but many people (even the founder) use it for notes before reading the book.

Many people don’t think the  author should rate their own books, but shelving their books is smart and helpful because they can use genre shelves to categorize the books correctly and use shelves to impart other information. Authors can use the review box to say anything they want about the book without rating it.

Ratings without reviews do affect the average rating, but don’t help other readers much. Reviews are most helpful when there aren’t many other reviews on the book or when most reviews are rated differently.

You can also mark a book as read without rating it.