Yes, accidentally or on purpose.

It’s easy to accidentally end up with two accounts, especially if you try to sign-in with twitter when you already have an account. If this happens to you, just email the details to support and they’ll merge them into one account.

It’s usually better to only have one account, but they do allow multiple accounts. Goodreads just asks that you don’t rate the same book with two different accounts. A few reasons why you might want to create a second account:

  • You want a professional account and a personal account. Some teachers and librarians find this necessary.
  • You’re an author and you want to keep two published names completely separate or you want to keep your personal account separate from your author account. It’s usually better to only use one account, but there are exceptions.
  • You want to keep some books secret. All books are public, even if your profile is private, your name will appear on the book page of each book you add to your shelves. The best way to keep the account completely secret is to create a user name that is not associated with your real name anywhere and to not join groups or reveal any personal information in reviews.
  • You want to manage a separate account for someone else. This is not recommended for children. You can keep their books on a shelf on your account, but a separate account could get canceled because children under 13 can’t have their own accounts on goodreads.
  • You want to manage an account for a library or bookstore and still have a separate personal account.