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A blogroll is just a list of links to other blogs, usually in a sidebar. I think it was originally designed to be all the blogs read by the author of the blog. Now many people name their blogroll something else or just call it links or has their list of links broken down by categories. Some blogs exchange links with other blogs. The blogroll is most useful when all the links are to active related blogs. 

I need to update my blogroll. I tend to forget about it altogether since I mainly use an RSS reader to read blogs, except author blogs. I use goodreads to keep up with author blogs. I do look at blogrolls when I first go to a new blog, but I tend to only click on the ones with the most interesting names. 

Which blogs would you suggest I add to my blogroll? Should I use categories? What type of blogs should I look for? 

Are there any blogs (other than the official ones) that are about Goodreads, Pinterest or FictFact?