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UPDATE: This post is now out of date. Please go to this new post instead: Where can I get help on Pinterest?

Pinterest has added a contact form. It’s at the bottom of the main help page. Help is the first option on the About drop-down menu.

Under the Contact Us heading is a bar that says, “What do you need help with?“. Click on the small arrow after the question on that bar to select a subject. The current subjects are: suggestions, account/registration, pinning, bugs, spam/abuse and other.

Some of the subjects trigger a list of related tips to show below the box. Type your message in the box and click send. One of the subjects has to be selected and something has to be in the message box before the send button is active.

The following email addresses to reach Pinterest are still listed under the Pin Etiquette section of the help page.

They occasionally make announcements on their facebook page and twitter account, but they don’t currently seem to be answering any questions or even reading the questions and comments.

My boards are at debsanswers; I am debsanswers most places. If you can’t find me someplace, just ask, maybe I’m not there yet.

You can see all of my Pinterest posts here: Category Pinterest