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Did you notice that Pinterest has a new choice for streams at the top of the screen? They’ve added a popular stream.

The default stream (similar to a news feed) is pinners you follow. The other streams are everything, videos, popular and gifts. Looks like discussions (all pins with comments) is gone now.

I couldn’t figure out a sort order for the popular stream, I think it’s just like the everything stream, but filtered to only show pins with repins, likes and comments above a certain threshold. I don’t know what that threshold is; I wish Pinterest was a little better at communicating. I sent them a message yesterday suggesting they add groups or discussion forums.

Everything shows the latest images to be pinned or repinned and can be filtered by several categories. Make sure all your boards have categories, you can use other if you have to. Videos shows the latest videos to be pinned or repinned to the site. Gifts displays only pins that include a price in the description. You can select a price range to display.