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Do you reblog? Do you like to be reblogged? Is reblogging sharing, stealing or curating?

When I first encountered reblogging on Tumblr, it looked a lot like stealing content from other people. Various platforms use reblogging differently. Tumblr and Pinterest seem to be about curating, Facebook and Twitter are more about sharing. I hate following a link from Pinterest to Tumblr and only finding reblogs, sometimes you can go through several layers of reblogs without ever finding the original source. At least Pinterest does save the source link and not just the repins although it still depends on the original pinner to choose a good source page.

To me, it’s only legitimate sharing when the original source is obvious and available. Sharing on Facebook does include the link and when it is an article, only a small portion is shown, you have to follow the link to read the full article. On WordPress reblogging is similar to facebook sharing since it  includes an excerpt of the blog post, a link to the original blog post and it encourages you to add your own comments or introduction before the reblogged post. Retweeting shares the entire tweet, but is very obvious where the tweet came from and that it is a retweet.

Disclaimer, I started this post last summer, but didn’t post it because I used some of the content for a post on curation instead. I decided to finish it after a book blogger demanded I take down a post I reblogged.

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