Everyone should read whatever they want and only what they want to read.

Charcoal Café - 50 Book Challenge

(I wrote this on Tumblr a couple of weeks ago, and since it is book related, I thought I would share it on here, too, but with a few edits.)

I saw a picture of a t-shirt on Pinterest that said “Team Don’t Read Crappy Books.”  Due to the whole “Team Jacob” and “Team Edward” trend, I am assuming that whoever made that t-shirt was referring to The Twilight Saga.  Here are my thoughts on that:

1)  I love The Twilight Saga (please do not judge these books by their movies).

2)  What may be “crappy” to one person, may be amazing to another.  It bothers me when people make others feel bad for enjoying a specific genre of books (or music, or movies) simply because it differs from what he or she enjoys.  We are all unique with our own preferences, and that is okay.  Reading is important…

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