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Goodreads has recently replaced the add to my books button with a new Want to Read button. They asked the members of the feedback group to test it over two months ago, but they didn’t make any of the requested changes. There may still be some changes to the button later because many people are complaining about it, but I thought I would try to explain how it currently works since it does a little more than it appears and might be confusing to some people.

They decided that Want to Read is friendlier language than to-read shelf (the original announcement said currently-reading would be called Reading Now, but that doesn’t seem to have happened). They didn’t actually change the shelf name, the to-read shelf is still there, but it’s called Want to Read, on the new button. Might be very confusing if anyone has their own want to read shelf, but of course it wouldn’t be capitalized because we aren’t allowed to capitalize any words in the shelf names we create.

Books that are already on your shelves will show a check mark and the name of the exclusive shelf on an off-white background instead of the left portion of the green button, unless the book is on your to-read shelf, then it will have a check mark and the words Want to Read.

If you just click on the Want to Read button, it will add the book to your to-read shelf. Click on or hover over the three book icon on the right of the button to get a drop-down list of your shelves. The three default shelves are capitalized in the list and the to-read shelf is called Want to Read. The exclusive shelves don’t have a checkbox like the other shelves do, just click directly on the shelf you want. The list will close as soon as you choose an exclusive shelf. If you choose the read shelf, it will open the review pane in a light box.

The three book icon can also be used to change or add shelves on books you’ve previously shelved. Other features vary depending on the exclusive shelf used. When the book is on your to-read shelf, hovering over the button allows you to change the position number of the book on your to-read shelf and to view the shelf. You can update your progress by hovering over the button when it is showing currently reading, click on the page number box and it brings up a box where you can enter a status or mark the book as finished, and it lets you switch between page and percentage completed. Any other shelf will give you links to write a review or view the shelf.

Choosing a star rating works as before and moves the book to your read shelf (don’t forget to add a date read if you want it to count in the reading challenge).  You can clear the rating of a book by hovering over the stars until a little tiny link appears (clear rating) and clicking on it.

Please let me know if you notice any other changes to this button or if you find a bug or feature I’ve missed.

Thanks for reading.

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