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I don’t like the name, Smarterer is just hard to say, but the site is interesting and fun.I guess it’s more fun when you’re winning. Wait, I don’t think it’s supposed to be a game, or is it?

Smarterer is a website that lets you take tests. Originally it was supposed to be to prove what you know, but it hasn’t exactly worked out that way. On complex software topics, even experts don’t get the scores they expect. Being very good at doing something doesn’t always mean you can answer every specific question anyone can ask without even looking at the screen. Not memorizing every keyboard short-cut doesn’t mean you aren’t an expert. Some of the timed questions don’t allow quite enough time to read and consider each answer.

The questions are all crowd-sourced, anyone can add questions. Some of the answers are wrong. You can flag questions and explain what’s wrong with it, but even if they decide it’s a bad question or change the answer, they won’t fix your score. They’ve made some recent changes, including allowing you to review your answers and shifting more to showing you your own scores rather than sharing your scores. It can be fun, but I don’t think the scores should be taken seriously or compared. According to Smarterer, I’m an expert in Facebook and Twitter, but only Proficient in Pinterest. Goodreads is not one of the tests they offer, maybe I should create one.

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What are you an expert in?





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