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Because you haven’t added it.  It was easier to add book covers when you could import them from amazon. That ceased in January when Amazon started enforcing rules about the use of their data. Now all data, including book covers must come from a non-bookseller source. A publisher website is allowable, as is an author website. If you have a copy of the physical book and access to a scanner, you can scan and upload the cover yourself, but the best source is the author.

goodreads book without a cover

Authors and goodreads librarians can edit book data.

What is a goodreads librarian? Someone who is authorized to make data changes on Goodreads. The librarians are volunteers who help improve the database by making changes to book data, author data, series data, lists and more. I think most goodreads members, including authors, would benefit from becoming librarians. The only requirements are to shelve at least 50 books and read the manual. You can edit as much or as little as you want.

What is a goodreads author? Someone who has claimed their author profile and has been approved by the goodreads staff. Should all authors join the goodreads author program? Yes, the service is free and is a great way to connect with readers and promote their books. Goodreads authors have a limited ability to edit their own books.

Anyone can help improve the goodreads database. If you don’t want to become a goodreads librarian, you can request changes in the Goodreads Librarians Group.