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It’s just another name for an extra or background actor in a movie or tv show. It can be a way to get started in the acting business or it can just be a fun experience for almost anyone.

I was recently an extra for the pilot of Distraction. It’s still in post production, but we hope it will eventually be shown on the SyFy channel. Check the  Distraction page on Facebook for more news. The trailer should be ready soon.

Casting Call for Distraction

Movies have been filmed in this area before, but I never heard about them in time to participate. This time I found out through Facebook that they were shooting a pilot in a small town near my home, but the first casting call only asked for people under 35. When a second casting call was opened to all ages, I decided to go.

The casting call was at the library. I expected more people to show up. They were casting for two scenes a barn dance and a doctor’s office. I talked one woman into trying out for the doctor’s office and I was pleased to see her in the pictures on the facebook page.

Location of the barn dance – picture by Melanie B Jennings

I thought I hadn’t been selected until I got a reminder call on Wednesday asking if I was still coming to the barn dance on Friday night. I thought they would tell you what to wear, but she said to just wear whatever you would wear to a barn dance. I wore a blue shirt, black jeans, black cowboy boots and a black hat. It’s easy to pick me out in the pictures because of the hat.

At the barn dance by Melanie B Jennings

It was fun; I’m glad I did it. It’s mostly a lot of standing around and waiting. We were told where to stand and we had to act like we were talking or doing something while being completely silent. The people who were dancing had to keep dancing (silently on a hardwood floor) after the music stopped. One scene was shot over and over because of noise, including cars driving by.

Have you ever been an extra? Do you want to be? On Location Vacations is one source for filming locations, there might be one near you.