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Not long ago, I reviewed Karen Lenfestey’s Book, “What Happiness Looks Like.” Karen’s back! Yay! And she has something to say about goodreads. There’s a pot of coffee on. I’ll pour some.  Have a seat, Karen. The post is yours.

Are you happiest when you’re sipping coffee and reading a great book? Do you feel let down when you turn the last page because you don’t know what to read next? I can relate. That’s why I love goodreads.com.

First, let me confess that I’m not quick to try new things. I don’t text, I don’t have an iPad and I don’t quite get Twitter. But I liked goodreads from the start.

In case you’re not aware, goodreads costs nothing and has over 6 million members. Once I joined, I took a quick survey where I ranked books I’d read on a scale of 1…

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