I agree, characters shouldn’t share initials unless there is a good reason.


I am currently reading a book that, even though I’m only half way through, will definitely just get an average rating from me on Goodreads. It’s just okay, but I’m so far into it now that I feel like I’m past the point of stopping. But that is neither here nor there..what this book has got me thinking about is a pet peeve of mine with some authors (which is maybe why I’m not loving this book!).  My peeve being that when an author is giving birth to their characters, so to speak, and giving them personalities and names why do some think it’s a good idea to have numerous characters with names that all begin with the same letter.

Maybe for them it has some meaning? But for me the reader, who isn’t yet invested in these characters, it makes it terribly confusing sometimes. It drives me bonkers having…

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