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WebsitesLike is a site that provides links to sites that are similar to the ones you use now. It claims to have alternatives for over 1 million websites. I received an email suggesting I review this website.

It has potential, but I think it needs some work. Starting with fixing the broken links on front page and adding some help text. The learn more link just goes to the about page.

Why bother having a twitter account or linking to it when you only have one tweet. It’s not even an interesting tweet, just “Hello World!”

I guess they think it’s so easy it doesn’t need help, but there are some things that aren’t obvious. It says enter a webpage or keyword in the search box, but the two options give very different results. To get a list of similar webpages, you have to enter facebook.com, not just facebook. Entering a link that ends with a slash, results in an error page.

I can’t see any differences between site categories, site topics, and keywords. Please explain the differences or just use the same term in all places. A list of site categories to choose from would be helpful.

I don’t think any of the 50 alternative sites given are comparable to Goodreads at all. It didn’t even list LibraryThing or Shelfari. Living Social discontinued their book cataloging site last summer. The list of alternative sites for LibraryThing was much better.

Thanks for reading.