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Pinterest just added a new feature. Now you can change the main picture on each board. Before today, the cover picture was always the last image pinned to each board.

Pinterest Board Covers

Pinterest board covers of Deb's Answers

There are two ways to change the cover pictures. While you are browsing a board, you can mouse over the pin you select until the new set board cover button appears (sometimes it’s at the very bottom of long images) and then click on that button. The advantage of this method is that you can see all of your pins to select from, but many images are too large to look good in the small window. You can drag the picture around to get a different piece of the image, but you can’t re-size it.

The second way is when you are looking at all your boards, click on the new edit board cover button that’s on each board. This method shows your pins behind the small window. Use the arrows to cycle through each of your pins until you find the best picture. It won’t stop when you get to the end of your pins, it will just start over. When you have selected your image and dragged it around to fit in the window better, click on the set cover button. Or click cancel to return to the previous screen.

It only changes the large picture on the board. It doesn’t move the pin or include the description. So, it’s best to use an image that is identifiable or includes text in the picture. It’s a good way to highlight some of your earlier pins and to make the board look more interesting.

You can also rearrange your boards to make your most important ones more prominent.

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