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Maybe, maybe not. Lots of blog posts are after all, but there’s no guaranteed way to be selected. Some blogs are even chosen more than once.

In case you don’t already know, Freshly Pressed is the name of the section on the WordPress home page where they feature new posts. Some are newer than others and some stay on the page longer.

Freshly Pressed

Freshly Pressed on WordPress

To be eligible, you must have a WordPress blog on WordPress.com, not WordPress.org. Five ways to get featured on freshly pressed is a blog post from WordPress support that gives hints and suggestions to improve your chances.

There are a few things about this blog that probably lowers my chances of being selected.

Freshly Pressed Wordle

Freshly Pressed Wordle

I’m not a photographer and I prefer to focus on the writing. I have started including more images, mainly because of Pinterest, but I usually use screen shots, Wordle, or something from Zemanta. My husband does take good pictures (including the one at the top of my blog), but do any of them fit my posts?

Fireworks at Disney World

Fireworks at Disney World - by James M. Rice

My headlines are probably not good enough. I may have boxed myself in a bit by always using a question for my blog post titles, but I prefer to stick with the pattern.

Are my posts original enough? Some of my most popular posts rely heavily on help text, especially the ones about Facebook. Maybe I should write posts about how to use help. The help on Goodreads has improved since I wrote many of my posts about that site.

I tend to pick the tags that make sense to me rather than go with the popular categories, so the people selecting the posts probably won’t even see my posts.

Good Luck! Hope your blog gets freshly pressed some day.