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Yes, the Pinterest profile page is prettier, but there is much more they still need to fix.

What changed?

What changed? Is it better?


The about section of the profile is much more prominent. Now maybe more people will fill it out.

The following and followers lists are much better. I like seeing the number of boards and pins.

I really like the new activity page. Did you notice the little icons? There’s a different one for each type of activity (liked, pinned, repinned, followed), even a different icon for followed a person or followed a board.

They also added a little icon to identify collaborative boards.

Deb's Answers

Deb's Answers


The titles of the boards are cut off. I guess I’ll have to rename some of mine, since all six of my life list boards start with the same three words.

New wants

Now I want to be able to select the large picture for each board, instead of always displaying the last pin.

I would like the category of each board to be displayed under the title. Of course then I would just start complaining more about the available categories, but currently too many boards don’t have a category selected at all. Not having a category on all boards limits the usefulness of filtering the everything and popular feeds.

Why doesn’t the number of pins on a board show when you use search?

Still needs fixing

I’ll try not to mention everything in my previous wants and wishes post, but a few things are worth repeating.

I still want to rearrange pins on my boards and sort pins on any board.

I want to see everyone I’m following even if I’m only following one of their boards. I might be interested in new boards they create.

I want to sort the followers and following lists. Being able to group or filter them would be great, too.

Also, you could always (well at least since last summer, I only joined in June) rearrange your boards, I still want to rearrange pins on a board. It must be a more obvious feature now, since some people are calling it a new function.

Do you like the changes? Do you want more changes? Did I miss any changes? Let me know in the comments.