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Statmyweb is a tool for website evaluation.

Candace Williams sent me the following email, I did look at the website and it looks interesting, but I haven’t spent much time with it, so I thought I would just pass on the information and let you try it for yourselves.

stat my web

stat my web

I wanted to show you a very useful app. you can feature/review on your blog.

URL :  http://www.statmyweb.com

The website provides detailed stats about websites like – when it was created, where is it hosted, how much is it worth and where does it rank on the web. These detailed stats are displayed in both graphical and text formats. Besides this , there are also over 15 tools which help in specific analysis of the website. All this is provided for free in a clean and professional layout.

You can get detailed and accurate stats for your own website or any other website on the world wide web. E.g – http://www.statmyweb.com/site/facebook.com

Have a look at it , I believe you would like it!

Thanks, Candace!