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Wordle is a tool for creating a text cloud that uses the size of the text to represent the frequency of each word in the source sample.

It’s completely free and unrestricted. You can use the wordles you create or find in the public gallery for anything, even commercially.

Copy any text and paste it into the source box on the create screen and click go. Click on Randomize to see other versions. You can also tweak the layout, colors and font until you get an image you like. Be sure to save any images you like; it may be difficult or impossible to recreate it exactly after changing any setting. You have to use a snipping tool or take a screen shot to save the image you created.

Just click on Save to public gallery if you want to share your creation, but please be aware that you have no control over your wordle if you share it there.  Images can’t be deleted from the public gallery and anyone can use images from the public gallery for anything. There’s a forum and an extensive FAQ on the site, if you need help.

Thanks for reading and have fun creating your own wordles.