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When you pin or repin an image on Pinterest a link is included, but some links are better than others. The idea is for all pins to lead back to the original source, but too many pinners are not paying attention to the links.

It’s really easy (actually too easy) to just repin from other boards, but all links should actually be tested. You may think it doesn’t matter, because you’re only pinning the picture for yourself, or because you only care about the picture and not the link. It does matter. Everyone can see and repin all of your pins. If you never click on the links, you won’t know what websites you may be promoting.

Also be aware of the descriptions on anything you repin and update the captions when appropriate. When pinning from other sites, highlight the text you want to copy before pinning it and the description will be filled in automatically.

Pictures pinned from Google Images used to link to the image on Google, but now the link is broken and you get dumped on the image search page. You can find the original image by editing the pin and copying the entire link. Then paste the link into a browser and click-through to the source of the image. I have done that and fixed the link for a few of mine that get repinned often, but it’s time-consuming.

All of the links for uploaded by user pins have been broken. Clicking on the pin leads right back to the same pin. I hope this is a temporary glitch and that it will be fixed, but you can’t even add a link to a new pin. Well, you can, the field is still there (you have to edit the pin after adding it) and you can enter the link, but clicking on the image doesn’t lead to the link entered. Older pins I uploaded and added a link to, still work, but nothing that’s currently described as uploaded by user leads to a website.

Thanks for reading.