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Screenshot of the WordPress Twenty Ten theme

Screenshot of the WordPress Twenty Ten theme (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A screenshot of the default WordPress theme.

A screenshot of the default WordPress theme. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I recently changed my WordPress theme and I’m considering changing it again. Do you like this one better or did anyone even notice? How much does the theme even matter?

I know I tend to concentrate only on my posts and ignore other parts of my blog, probably because I seldom read blog posts on the actual blog pages. I prefer reading blogs with a RSS reader, in WordPress, by email, or in goodreads.

I do really need to update my blogroll more often, since I do think blogrolls are a good resource for finding new blogs to read. What else needs to be added or updated? I’m considering moving or copying all links to a page to make them more accessible to people on smart phones and other mobile devices. Are there any other things I can do to make this blog more attractive to mobile readers?

What features do you absolutely  insist on having in a theme for your blog? How often do you change themes?

What do you expect to find on blogs you read? What are you most disappointed to find missing on your first visit to a blog?

Since WordPress can find spelling and grammar errors, why can’t it find spacing errors? And why does it think blogrolls is spelled wrong when blogroll isn’t?

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