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A guest blog post is any post written by someone other than the blog owner. Guest blogging is a great way of promoting your blog to potential readers. If you don’t have a blog, guest blogging is a way of promoting whatever you are writing about to an audience and of testing the waters to see if you like blogging.

I have had some comments and emails asking me to blog about websites I’m not familiar with. Since I don’t have time to research the sites well enough to write about them at the moment, guest posts may be the answer.

If you want to guest blog here, go ahead and write the post first. It should be 200-600 words. Explain clearly who you are and why you are writing about the subject. Email me the post including a link to your blog, if you have one. It’s fine to write about your own website, just don’t pretend to be someone else. There’s no guarantee that I’ll use your post; I’ll only pick ones I like and I may add my opinion in the introduction. I’ll reply to your email before publishing your post. You can ask questions in the comments or respond with your opinion, but please only send guest posts by email.