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Profile shown on Facebook in September 2011

Image via Wikipedia: Timeline from 2011

Profile shown on Thefacebook in 2005
Image via Wikipedia: thefacebook from 2005

Timeline is just a new profile display. The privacy settings stay the same, but old posts are easier to get to now. If you joined Facebook in college or high school years ago and now you’re worried about your boss, co-workers or new friends seeing your old posts, you might want to limit the audience for past posts. Those posts have always been there, but there was no way to get to them without scrolling down and clicking on the older posts link over and over. Now the timeline has a date based navigation tool on the right side of the screen that allows people to go directly to your oldest posts.

The timeline profiles do look pretty and you can add milestones from before you joined Facebook. I think they are well designed for people who want to promote themselves on Facebook. Celebrities, authors and musicians who use their personal profiles for promotion rather than using fan pages could take advantage of the new format. Authors could add the release dates of their books with photos of the covers. Musicians could add song release dates. Awards would be a great thing to feature. Don’t forget to allow subscribers.

Everyone will have to switch to timeline eventually. You have seven days to tweak your timeline (delete stuff, add stuff and feature stuff) before it goes live. You can wait until you’re forced or you can switch yourself anytime, but be warned that you can’t switch back.

I’ve not switched yet because reviews from Goodreads aren’t currently posting correctly and if it looks like I’ve suddenly stopped finishing books, some people will think I’ve died.