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You can type a title, author name or ISBN into the search box at the top of any page on Goodreads. It will try to give you likely choices when you have one word typed or when you stop typing. If the book you’re looking for shows in the list, click on it to go directly to the book page. If it doesn’t show, try typing more, press enter or click on the magnifying glass in the search box.

Leaving the search box blank and clicking on the magnifying glass will take you to a blank results screen with more search options.

The default search is books, but this page has several other choices including all results, groups, quotes, events, stories, people, listopia and trivia. Links to manually add a book, to import books and to browse shelves are on the right of this page.

If the book isn’t on goodreads, it will try to find it on Amazon. If it is found on Amazon, it will automatically import the book data to goodreads. Click on more options to select a different source or to restrict the search to one field. The field choices are title, author and genre. Even restricting the search to the author field will not give you a list of authors, the results list is still books. If the author is a member of goodreads, you could use the people tab to search for them. Searching for any genre seems to go straight to Amazon instead of searching goodreads. If you find the book on Amazon, but not on goodreads, try copying the ISBN or ASIN from Amazon.

The search currently works better without plurals or punctuation. It doesn’t find partial words. Typing multiple words will find only books with all the words. To find books with any of the words, type OR between the words. To exclude a word type a – in front of it.