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EarlyWord is a blog aimed at libraries and librarians, but it’s very useful for readers as well. It was created by Nora Rawlinson and Fred Ciporen in 2008 to help libraries discover the newest titles in time to meet demand.

The blog is great, but don’t miss the other resources on the EarlyWord website. The sidebar on the right includes a mixture of links to other resources across the web and links to information they’ve compiled themselves.

Some of the off-site links include bestsellers, best books of the year lists, awards, coming soon, consumer media and publisher’s catalogs. Explore the list of pages in the left sidebar for more links including this one to Daily Reviews.

They have their own best books spreadsheets, publisher contacts and my favorite section, the movies & tv based on books. They have separate lists for Now Playing, Upcoming, In Production and Film Rights Acquired. Now Playing and Upcoming include links to the tie-in versions of the books. There’s also a list of links to trailers.

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