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If you want to find popular and interesting reviews, instead of looking at book pages or reading reviews from your friends, there are some lists that can help.

Click on explore in the Goodreads header, not the drop-down menu, click directly on the word explore.

Click on top reviews this week to get the 50 reviews that got the most likes this week. The default view is reviews in your country, but you can switch to the world. You can also select the top reviews for this month and for all time.

For each review on the list, you can click on the reviewer’s name or picture to see their profile, click on the book cover or title to see the book page, click on more to see the entire review, click on the number of comments to see the comments made on the review and click on the number of votes to see a list of the members who liked the review.

The biggest problem with this list is that it doesn’t show the rating the reviewer gave the book. Even clicking on more doesn’t show the rating or the review date. You can find the rating and review date by clicking on comments.

Back on the explore page, scroll down to the bottom of the column on the right to find the Highlighted section. Here are links to Recent Reviews of My Books, Recent Reviews and Top Reviews. Links to the Goodreads Newsletter and Random Books are here too. Top Reviews is the same list explained above. Recent Reviews is all reviews recently posted. Recent Reviews of My Books is the same, just restricted to books you’ve shelved. This list might be more useful if it could be restricted to a single shelf, but at least it includes ratings. One difference is that the Recent Reviews list also includes a Browse Books section with several links including one to Popular bookclub books.

Lists of the Best Reviewers (reviewers with the most likes on their reviews) and Top Reviewers (members with the most reviews) can be reached from the People page. The people page is in the explore drop-down menu, not on the explore page.