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If you want more friends, fans or followers on Goodreads, here are a few tips:

For everyone:

  • Add a profile picture.
  • Add, rate and review more books you’ve read.
  • Add interesting and relevant information to your profile.
  • Feature a shelf – favorites or something else.
  • Add custom shelves.
  • Add favorite genres.
  • Add favorite authors.
  • Join groups.
  • Comment in groups.
  • Like quotes.

For published authors:

  • Do everything in the first list; be a reader first.
  • Join the Goodreads Author Program.
  • Use a picture of yourself for your profile picture.
  • Add an interesting bio.
  • Add links to your webpages and other social media.
  • Add your blog.
  • Add videos and book trailers.
  • Verify and update your book data, including page numbers and release dates.
  • Add all your book credits, including contributions.
  • Add upcoming books.
  • Add your books to genre shelves.
  • Use the writing section and add excerpts.

For unpublished writers:

  • Do everything in the first list; be a reader first.
  • Use the name you plan to publish under. Consider using a middle initial if it’s already being used by another author.
  • Identify yourself as a writer.
  • Use the writing section.
  • Make friends and connections now, before you’re published.
  • Support other writers.