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Amazon actually works pretty good for finding new releases. The biggest problem is that most sites only want to give you the most popular books and the most popular ones may not include the most interesting books. Sometimes you can get around this problem by changing the sort order or restricting by genre. Amazon lets you do both.

My solution is to add books to a custom bookshelf on goodreads as soon I hear about a book I might be interested in reading, even if it won’t be published for another year. I can always delete it later if I decide not to read it, but I don’t want to wait until it gets buried by the most popular titles. That’s why when I look for future releases, I’m not looking for next week, I’m looking for next year. You can see my books on my personal bookshelf or join my Forthcoming Books group.

FictFact has a release calendar, but currently only follows series, no stand-alone books or non-fiction works. The list by date below the calendar lists only title, author and series. Adding a genre would help, but you can restrict it to only the series you follow.

Goodreads has popular books by date lists, which is good because you can select a single month, but bad because each month is limited to the 200 most popular books. Adding books to your bookshelves early increases the exposure for the title and author by getting the book displayed on these lists.

I tried looking for new releases on LibraryThing, but didn’t find anything, if there is a list or method I missed please let me know in the comments.

Some of the best sites to find new and future releases are the ones that concentrate on one genre or area. I’m only familiar with speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror and other related genres) sites. Please link to any others you like in the comments. I especially would be interested in sites that specialize in non-fiction or travel books.

Rising Shadow is a very nice UK database covering speculative fiction. Their new books list starts with the current month and continues several months into the past. Their coming books list is in chronological order with year and month headings. The author, genre and series information is on the main list with descriptions, links and more details on the book page. Each series also has a separate page.

Fantastic Fiction is a UK database known for having complete series lists on each author page. Their new books list has books released in the current month and coming soon has future releases. You can sort by release date, but you have to select a format. The available formats are hardback, paperback, audio and kindle. You can select all books or restrict the list to one of these four categories: Science fiction, fantasy and horror, Mystery and thriller, Romance, and Comtempory/mainstream. Fantastic Fiction is a UK site.

Locus Online is a US site that also include UK releases on their forthcoming lists. They don’t include any details beyond author and publisher. The forthcoming books list is under resources and the new books list is under monitor.