Goodreads changes and adds new features all the time. Occasionally they drop things too, like bookswap. To keep up with the changes I recommend reading the Goodreads Blog and joining the Goodreads Feedback group. Major changes are always announced on the blog and in the monthly newsletter.

The members of the feedback group often find out about things first and sometimes (such as with the automatic recommendations feature) even get to be beta testers.

Smaller changes often aren’t announced at all, but are usually mentioned by other members in the feedback group discussions eventually.

One recent change is the addition of sticky shelves. Designating a shelf as sticky (on the edit bookshelves page) places it after your exclusive shelves and before all other custom shelves on your my books page. If you make more than one shelf sticky, they’ll be listed in alphabetical order.

Feedback members are currently testing group challenges. Join us there to learn more.