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Any book that was originally published between Dec 27, 2010 – Nov 30, 2011 or that was first published in the U.S. between Dec 27, 2010 – Nov 30, 2011. There are 15 nominations in each category, but you can write-in your own choices. Write-in votes are only accepted until November 13th because Goodreads will add the top five write-in choices in each category to the ballot.

Read the Choice Awards Announcement in the Goodreads blog and vote here: Goodreads Choice Awards.

You can change your vote anytime, so you can write-in a book now to give it a better chance even if you plan to vote for one of the nominated books in the second round. If you are an author of an eligible book, verify that the original publication date is correct and add the book to shelves that match the correct category.

The second round of voting will be November 14-20. Write-in votes won’t be allowed after the first round, so promote your favorite write-in candidates on your blog, on twitter, on facebook, in Goodreads group, etc. now. Only the top five write-in books will be added to the ballot in each category. The final round of voting will be November 21-30 and the ballot will be limited to the ten books in each category that received the most votes in the second round.

Not all book data in the Goodreads database is perfect because they rely on volunteers to make the corrections. If you find a valid book that doesn’t have the correct original publication date or if you need a date temporarily changed to the U.S. date, post in the Goodreads Librarians Group with a link to the book.

Vote soon!