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When you are using Facebook as a fan page, you can’t tag people in a post on your own page or on any other page. You can tag other pages in a post or in a picture. You can tag people in a picture, but only your friends. What is strange to me, is that you can tag a friend in a comment on a post, just not in the original post. The best workaround is to make the post without any tagging, then immediately add a comment to your post with the tags.

You can tag people in a post on a fan page you own only if you are using facebook as yourself and not as your page. You probably have the pages you own set to always post and comment as the page instead of as yourself.

Click on the edit page button at the top right of your page, then click on your settings at the top of the left column. This will show your posting preferences and your email notifications. If always post and comment as your page name is checked, you can’t tag people in posts. If you make a change, don’t forget to click on save changes.