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Facebook friend lists are a way to group your friends, manage your news feed and control who can see the things you share. Lists make it easier to secure your family photo albums from casual friends and hide more personal posts from co-workers.

You can limit your news feed to only one list by clicking on the list name in the left column. You can make changes to the list with the manage list button at top right.


Default Lists

The three default lists are close friends, acquaintances and restricted. Add people to your close friends list and you will get all of their updates and will be notified when they post an update. To change the notifications, click on close friends in the left column of your news feed, click on notifications at top right and choose on Facebook and email, on Facebook or off.

Add people to your acquaintances list and you’ll only get their important updates. The acquaintances list also omits games, comments and likes from your news feed. You can change the type of updates you see from each person manually by going to their profile and using the subscribe button at the top right.

The restricted list allows those people to see only your public updates. It doesn’t change what you see of their updates, but you can also add them to another list or change your subscription settings for each person manually.


Smart Lists

Smart lists attempt to automatically group friends who went to school with you, worked or work with you and live near you into lists that match your profile entries. This only works if you and your friends have identical entries in any work, education or current city fields. You can manually add friends to these lists, but the friends will be asked if they want the information added to their profiles. Please verify that you haven’t misspelled anything before adding people to these lists.


Custom Lists

You can create custom lists for anything you want. Click on the more link beside lists in the left column of your news feed to see a page with all your lists. You can add a list or edit any of your existing lists.