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You may be missing updates from your news feed because the recent Facebook changes defaulted all of your friends to most updates. If you want all updates, you either have to change the subscribed setting for each friend you want to see everything from, or you can add those friends to your close friends list.

Go to the profile of a friend and hover your mouse pointer over the subscribed button. A menu with three sections appears. The top section asks, “How many updates?” and gives you three choices. For each friend you have to choose from all updates, most updates or only important. Adding friends to the acquaintances list will automatically change this setting to only important for those friends.

The middle section of the subscribed menu lets you choose specific types of activity you want to see from this friend. The question asks, “What types of updates?” and lists seven types. The default is that the entire list is checked, but you can omit a type of update by unchecking it. The acquaintances list will automatically uncheck games and comments and likes.

The last section of the subscribed menu is an option to unsubscribe. Unsubscribe is not the same as unfriend, but it will hide all of their activity from you.