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Mainly because genre was not designed into the Goodreads database. There isn’t a field in the book data for genre. The genres aren’t curated or assigned. The genres on goodreads are sourced from the member created shelves. They tried to crowd-source the categorizing and consolidating of shelves into genres, but it quickly led to arguments and edit wars.

Discrepancies in genres are more apparent now since the personalized recommendations are based on genres and shelves. Understanding that the genres are determined by what shelves people place the book on helps explain why fiction is recommended in nonfiction genres and nonfiction in supposedly fiction genres. They are still working to improve the recommendations, but there’s no easy way to change the genre of a book. The books in the genre section on the new releases newsletter are hand-selected from the popular books in each genre.

The most popular genre shelves a book appears on is displayed on the right side of the book page. To get to the main genres page, click on Explore in the header, then click on the Genres heading in the column on the right.  Here you can search for a genre, select one of your favorite genres or select from the main genre list. Clicking on Browse takes you to the Top Shelves page while clicking on more genres (on the genres page or on the explore page) leads to a page that shows all genres in alphabetical order.

Select any genre to see the main page for that genre. The description of the genre is at the top of the page. If the description is missing, a librarian can add one by clicking on edit. Related Genres are listed at the top right – navigate to any of these genres by clicking on the genre name. Books for the genre are listed in the following sections: New Releases, Giveaways, Most Read This Week, Lists, Popular Books, New Releases by Authors You’ve Read and Recent Reviews.

Interviewsquotesvideos and groups tagged with the genre are shown in the column on the right. At the bottom of that column is a list of tags that contributed to the page. Very specific genres may not have as much information as broader terms. Sections may be missing if there are no items for that genre.