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What you are subscribed to is what shows in your news feed on Facebook. You are subscribed to all your friends and your friends are subscribed to you.

Now you can subscribe to the public posts of anyone (people who aren’t your friends on Facebook) who allows it. You can allow others to subscribe to your public posts, but it is opt-in. No one (except your friends) can subscribe to your posts unless you allow it, you don’t have to do anything to stop it.

Facebook finally made something opt-in (you have to choose it) instead of opt-out (it’s chosen for you, but you can change it) and apparently it’s not clear or maybe we just don’t trust Facebook.

On the wall or profile of a friend you will see the word subscribed at the top of the page. Hover over the word subscribed and you will see a menu of options that lets you customize what shows in your feed from that particular friend. You can select all updates, most updates or only important. The default is most updates, so you only need to change this if you want all updates or only important. You can also uncheck any of seven types of updates you aren’t interested in seeing or at the very bottom, you can unsubscribe completely. Unsubscribe is not the same as unfriend. The person will still be your friend, you just won’t see them in your news feed. The seven types of updates you can choose to hide are: Life Events, Status Updates, Photos, Games, Comments and Likes, Other Activity, and Music and Videos. 

If you unsubscribe from a friend’s updates, you can always change it back by clicking on the subscribe button on the top right of their profile. The options will return back to the defaults, so you probably want to check the options by hovering over subscribed.