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I use the word brand on this blog as a short way to say anything you are promoting (and I’m not saying selling because promoting yourself and selling yourself is not quite the same thing). Much of my advice (especially concerning Goodreads) is to authors, but most of it (for Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn, etc.) can be used by almost anyone.

Authors, artists, singers, speakers and many others are promoting themselves or their own name. Using the same name across all websites and social media helps to turn the name into a brand that can be recognized wherever it’s encountered. If you have multiple names (such as pen names or  business names or websites) to promote, you’ll have to decide whether you need separate accounts or one account that promotes multiple brands.

Any business, service or product can be a brand.

Other things you could promote include:

Events, charities, organizations, clubs, hobbies, publications, blogs and websites.

Schools, colleges, libraries, towns, cities, states, countries and sports.

What are you promoting?