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If you are using a Facebook profile for a business or brand, then you definitely should allow subscribers. If you want to keep your personal profile private, then you absolutely should not allow subscribers. If most of your status updates are public, then you aren’t gaining much by not allowing subscribers.

I think fan pages are still a better idea for any business or brand, but it is a great option for authors, artists and musicians who don’t want to use a fan page. This gets around the 5,000 friend limit and allows you to choose what is public and what is private all in one place.

To allow subscribers, go to your profile page and click on subscriptions (on the left, under your picture), then click on allow subscribers. You will get a pop-up window that lets you customize who can comment on your public posts (everyone, friends of friends or friends), lets you choose whose actions generate notifications (everyone, friends of friends or no one) and lets you limit friend requests to friends of friends with a check box.

If you change your mind and want to turn off the option to allow subscribers, click on subscribers (on left under subscriptions) then click on the edit settings button on the top right. A pop-up window will let you change subscribers from on to off.

Before you allow subscribers, you can see which of your friends have allowed subscribers on the subscriptions page. I’ve not found a way to see which of your friends are allowing subscribers after you’ve allowed subscribers yourself.

To subscribe to someone’s profile, click on the subscribe button – it’s on the top right of their profile page beside the add friend button. You are already subscribed to all your friends’ profiles. Click on the subscribed button to unsubscribe from a profile or to select or deselect types of updates such as games or photos.

I’m waiting for more authors to allow subscribers. Who are you going to subscribe to?