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Now it is much easier to test how much you are sharing on Facebook. This function isn’t exactly new, but it is easier to see and to use. It was in the privacy settings, but now it is always at the top of your profile page.

At the top right of your profile page, you can click the new view as button, then type in your friend‘s name and you will see your pages as your friend does. Go to your info, your wall and your photos to see what is visible to your friend. If you have different privacy settings for some lists, type in the name of a friend from each list that has a different setting. Click on the word public in the description to see what information people who aren’t your friends can see on your pages.

Click the back to profile button when you are finished.

You can change who can see each post when you enter the status update with the selector at the bottom of the box. You can even select only one friend to see a post or exclude the post from only one friend.

If you want to change the settings for any posts that are on your wall, just hover your mouse on the right side of the post (in the column, not at the edge of the screen) until the selector shows up. It will tell you who can see it (friends, public or custom) and you can change it (or remove the post entirely) by clicking on the arrow.

Please let me know if you have more questions about Facebook.