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Yes, Facebook added new options for tagged photos and tagged posts. Facebook actually did a better job of explaining the changes this time, if you clicked on the tour and read all the tips when it first changed.

I think it’s great that Facebook added the review options, but they aren’t automatic, you have to turn them on.

Go to the Privacy Settings from the Account menu. At the top is a new section explaining how you have to select who you want to allow to see your status every time you post something. It says that it will default to the last setting you used, not the default setting. So, if you ever change it, you have to remember to change it back the next time you post.  The default setting on this page is only used for apps. The three default privacy choices are Public (meaning everyone, even people who aren’t on facebook), Friends and Custom.

How Tags Work is a new section – click on edit settings and you’ll get a pop-up window with five settings you can edit. Editing Profile Review will let you turn on profile review so you can approve posts you are tagged in. Profile Visibility lets you choose who can see tagged items on your profile. Tag Suggestions lets you turn off suggesting pictures to tag to your friends. Friends can check you into places lets you disable that function. Tag Review lets you turn on tag review so you can approve tags when your friends are tagging people in your photos.

Another new section is Limit the Audience for Past Posts. For this one, instead of edit, you have to click on Manage Past Post Visibility. If you want to Limit Old Posts, read the warnings carefully.