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Most authors have blogs these days and keeping up with all the authors you’re interested in can be time-consuming. Subscribing to the RSS feeds is one way of managing the blogs and you can subscribe by email to many blogs.

Goodreads provides another way to read author blogs in one place. First go to the profile of each author and become their fan. You can be a goodreads fan of any author, they don’t have to be a member. You can read the beginning of the latest blog post on their profile page. Click on read more to see the entire post including comments. You can like a post too. If there isn’t a blog on the profile and the author is a goodreads author, send them a message and ask them to connect their blog to their profile. If a non-goodreads author has a blog, but it’s not showing on their profile, a librarian can add the link.

Goodreads allows authors to link an existing blog to their goodreads author profile page or to create a goodreads blog.

On the emails tab of your goodreads account page is a check box for a weekly digest of blogs from the authors you are following. Being the fan of an author or the friend of an author counts as following them too. The blog posts will show on the updates tab of your home page.

You can also see recent blog posts on the authors page. The authors page is on the explore menu under community. There are two tabs, recent shows blogs posts by all authors and my authors only shows the ones you are following. Click on authors you are following to see and edit your list of authors. The more blogs link at the end of the blog posts (on both tabs), doesn’t show more blog posts, it goes to a list of all author blogs on goodreads. This is a really cool page that I had not seen before. Here’s a direct link author blogs. The number of posts in each blog and number of fans of each author is listed and you can sort the list by author popularity, number of followers or recently created blogs.

If you are an author, please connect your blog to your goodreads author profile or if you don’t have a blog, you can create one on goodreads. Unfortunately only authors can have blogs on goodreads, I hope they’ll eventually expand the option to book bloggers, libraries, booksellers, publishers, agents and other members with book related blogs.