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You might not have found them on Goodreads because there isn’t a direct menu option for book trailers or any videos on goodreads, but you can get there from the authors page or you can use this link to all videos.

The authors page is reached from the explore menu under community. This page has way too much information for one blog post, this time I ‘m just focusing on the videos.

Scroll down past the author blogs you’re following to find the author videos. Only a few are shown on this page, but clicking on More videos will take you to the same page as the link above. Here you can sort by popularity, author popularity, views, recently viewed and date added. You can also restrict the type of video by clicking on one of these channels: trailers, interviews, readings, speeches or others. You can also browse by tag.

You can watch the video on that page by clicking on the video or you can click on the title of the video to access a page with more information including tags (that are clickable links to more videos) comments and the list of people who liked the video.

From either the videos list or a single video page you can go directly to the book page or the author profile by clicking on the title or name. From a page for a single video you also have a link to go to all videos for this author.

You can also find videos on the left side of an author’s profile page, if they’ve uploaded any videos. Only two videos show on the profile, but there is a link to more videos, if they have more than two. If an author is not a goodreads author, a goodreads librarian can upload videos to that author’s profile.