It’s very easy to accidentally rate two editions of the same book on goodreads. The most common ways are when trying to change a rating or adding books from a list or someone’s shelves.

Separate editions of books are combined on goodreads to group the reviews and ratings together. Every format (hardcover, paperback, kindle, audio, etc.) is a different edition. Some books have only one edition, but most have more and some have hundreds. The most popular edition is the version that is displayed most places on goodreads. You can see all the editions of a book by clicking on other editions or on the number of editions. You can change editions by clicking on switch to this edition. To rate a second edition, click on review this edition.

If you find multiple entries for a book that haven’t been combined, please report them (with links or the ISBN) in the goodreads librarians group and ask for them to be combined. Sometimes you may end up with multiple copies of a book because the editions have not been combined, so you add or rate the book not realizing that a different version is on your shelf.

If you are looking at a list of books or someone’s shelves and try to change your rating by clicking on the stars, you may actually add an additional copy of the book to your shelves. It will only edit your existing rating (or review) if the edition showing is the exact same edition that you previously rated. It’s much safer to always change ratings from your own shelves.

You can use the find duplicates function on the bottom left of the my books page to look for multiple copies on your shelves. Just because there are books on the my duplicates page, doesn’t mean they’re all errors. You can shelve a book twice if you read more than one version or if you want to count a reread. Occasionally you might find two different books that have been combined incorrectly, if you do, please report them to the librarians group to be separated. To delete a duplicate, click on edit my review and then click on delete review at the very bottom of the light box. Make sure not to delete the one with the review. You can use switch to this edition to move your review to the correct edition.