The best and quickest way to find out if Goodreads is down (or if it’s just you or your computer) is to check on twitter. Search for #goodreads or just goodreads. Every time the site is down for more than a minute or two (and sometimes even then) tweets complaining and/or asking about the outage will start appearing.

For other major sites, downrightnow is a great resource, maybe they should add goodreads.

In late July Living Social announced that they would be closing their Visual Bookshelf site on August 10, 2011. They recommended goodreads as a substitute and provided an export function so their members wouldn’t lose their data. Goodreads had no advance notice of this and was unprepared for the huge amount of new members all with data to import. This caused some slow downs and server problems. They have been upgrading their servers and added more memory this week.

Hopefully things on goodreads will get back to normal soon. Many times refreshing will get rid of an error, if not they are usually back in only a few minutes.