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Of course you can, just add a # (hash) to any word or phrase (without spaces), but should you? Tweets with multiple random hashtags are more difficult to read and are annoying to many people. If you use an existing hashtag for some other purpose you can confuse and annoy the people who are currently using it.

Hashtags are a great way of gathering people for a chat on twitter.  Following an event or convention is easier with a short, unique hashtag. Event organizers should announce the chosen hashtag early so everyone is using the same one.

Not everything needs a hashtag and not everyone will use it. If you want to create one please search first to see if it has been used for something else, don’t hijack existing hashtags. Keep it short, but understandable. If it’s not immediately obvious what the hashtag should be used for, make sure the answer to “what does it mean?” is easily found with a google search. You can define your hashtag with the tweet announcing it and on your website or blog. You can also enter the definition in some of the hashtag directories.

Here are a few places to look for existing hashtags. Do you know of any better places to look?

What the Trend



Twitter Search

What hashtags do you use?